Often tattoostudios are chosen because they are cheap and you don't have to wait long for an appointment. Of course, that doesn't mean that those studios are bad, but you shouldn't (only) decide where to get a tattoo based on the price and waiting time. The following points are very important in finding the right tattoo studio:


Trade licence

every studio has to have a trade licence to pay taxes. If your chosen tattostudio is not registerd: FORGET IT.


Hygiene certificate

once a year there is a hygiene check in every registered studio. If you pass you'll receive a certificate of no objection. This is visible in every professional tattoostudio.


Certified colours

not every tattoo ink is approved in europe. Good studios only use products that are allowed and therefore harmless. Unprofessional studios tend to use cheap colours from the internet, which often cause inflammation.



of course sympathy is really important. If people @ a studio aren't nice to you or seem unprofessional, you do not feel well there and will then regret getting a tattoo from an unsympathetic artist.


Quality before quantity

it's totally clear that you also pay attention to the price, since tattoos in general are quite expensive. BUT you should - in this case - ALWAYS put quality before quantity, as a tattoo will stay on your skin forever. So it's better to pay a little bit more and be satisfied forever than to get a cheap one and laser it a year after.


Website & social media

other important points are a professional website & structured social media accounts. The website should contain some information about the artists and their styles, pricing, how to get to the studio and how to contact them. Nowadays not every studio has their own website anymore because a website is expensive and instagram or other social medias work as well. It's just important to see some of the artists works anywhere to check if their style matches your idea.



good studios have good reviews, thats a fact. When you plan to go to a bigger studio with many different artist, check out which one got the best reviews or who was mentioned most often in the good reviews. But you also have to be careful: if a studio has 5* but only3 reviews, for example, that does not mean that they are good (and of course also not that they are bad!).



In general, best thing you can do is to check out the website, social medias, google-reviews and other stuff and then call the studio or get there personally. By calling or coming you get to know the artist(s) better and you'll immediately notice wheter you feel good there or not. We really hope this blog post helps. Good luck in your search for the - for your personal ideas - perfect artist / studio :-)



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